Friday, January 7, 2011

A Cupcake Fit For The King!

Happy 2011 everyone! This is my first blog post of the new year and
I'm very proud of it. January 8th is Elvis's birthday and I decided to do
an Elvis inspired cupcake. I had this idea on my list of cupcakes to do, and
this was the perfect time to try it! It's a banana cupcake, filled with
strawberry jelly, and peanut butter cream cheese frosting. IT IS AMAZING.
It tastes just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I found the banana
cupcake recipe on I baked the cupcakes and then let them cool.
Once they were cooled, I used my really awesome cupcake corer. I bought it at
William Sonoma for 5 dollars. It's the best 5 dollars i've ever spent. :) After
coring the cupcake, I spooned a little of Smuckers strawberry jelly into the
hole. I made my normal cream cheese frosting and just put a heaping spoonful
of peanut butter into it while mixing. I'm really happy with the way this
cupcake turned out. The amount of strawberry jelly is just the right amount.
I'm going to start devoting more time to cupcakes, so keep checking back!
Happy Birthday Elvis!

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