Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cupcake Review #2

Last week, I had the absolute pleasure of trying out a cupcake shop in San Jose. I had come across some information about it online and I had to try it. Lucky for me, my dad works in San Jose. So I spent the day at his work and when it was quitting time we set out for cupcakes! It was called Loves Cupcakes and it's located downtown. WE LOVED IT. The bakery offered 2 sizes. Mini and regular (which were bigger than minis and regulars). We bought 3 "minis" and regretted our decision once we tried them. I ordered an all chocolate and a triple berry. My dad ordered a vanilla almond one. Let's just say the cupcakes barely made it back to the car. Each cake was moist and fresh. The frostings were all light and airy. I would definitely recommend this place and I will definitely be going again! The young man behind the counter was very helpful and friendly. Loves Cupcakes definitely knows what they're doing.

Loves Cupcakes
85 E San Fernando Street San Jose CA

Pink Lemonade Cupcake

Summer is finally here! Pink lemonade is definitely a summer time favorite and I thought it would make for an interesting cupcake, and I was right. This cupcake was a hit amongst my friends and family that tried it. The recipe is VERY easy. However, the two toned frosting can be a little tricky. If you can't get the hang of it, regular piped frosting will work! For this test run, I just added pink lemonade concentrate to a white cake boxed mix. For the future, I will be adding it to the vanilla cake I make from scratch. For the box mix, use 3/4c of the frozen concentrate. If you're a little iffy about lemon flavor (like me), add little by little until you like the taste. I will link the directions that I used to make the two toned frosting. I found them to be very helpful. Good luck and enjoy! :)

Two toned frosting-