Monday, August 23, 2010

Gianna Joy + Cakes For Days Event :)

Gianna Joy has been my friend since elementary school and she recently put out her first EP. Her voice is amazing. She writes her own songs, sings them, plays the guitar, and plays the piano. She basically has it all! This past Saturday we decided to join forces and see what happens when music and cupcakes collide! Our event was a hit! We hope to do it again soon ;) I made 100 cupcakes. 4 different flavors. Cookies and cream, Reeses surprise, pink velvet, and vanilla with strawberry cream cheese frosting. This was Cakes For Days debut and hopefully good things will come of this. Congratulations again Gianna! I'm glad I got to be apart of your release party <3 If you haven't already heard her music, check her out on facebook!

Tell me what you think :)


  1. Omgsh they all look delicious! I'm so sad I missed this. I really wish I could have gone! I'm glad everything turned out great! (:
    I have yet to taste your amazing cupcakes.

  2. I'm sad you missed it too! Thank you! Hopefully you will soon :)