Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who's Your Daddy!?

I did these cupcakes for a wonderful lady that works with my dad. Her name is Veronica and she is expecting a little one verrrryyy soon :) Her lovely co workers planned a surprise baby shower for her and hired me to do the cupcakes! I made 36 total. 12 golden vanilla, 12 chocolate, and 12 strawberry. The vanilla and chocolate are from the Taste of Home magazine and the strawberry recipes is one that I found online from Sprinkles. The frosting is canned vanilla frosting, heated up in the microwave. To get the smooth, shiny finish: microwave the frosting for 10-12 seconds stopping to stir every so often, dip the top of the cupcakes into the frosting, let all excess drip off, quickly turn over and place on wax paper. I love the way the frosting looks! Unfortunately, the foil cupcake liners I used pulled away from some of the cupcakes and made them look not so cute. Oh well, the taste will definitely make up for it ;) Congratulations Veronica! And thank you to all the amazing girls at Sprig Electric <3

Tell me what you think :)

PS. I apologize for the bad picture quality. I finished these up at night and had no natural light :(

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